individual family counselling sessions each year


home visits for early intervention

Team of 5

specialists working with each family

At FAME, we think of parents and family as co-therapists. We know that detecting developmental disabilities and providing interventions to infants and children as early as possible, ensures the best possible outcomes. In this, parental training is key. We work with them from the basics: teaching how to enable eating, toiletting, gross and fine motor skills in their children, to training them to sustain the cognitive improvements their children gain at the Centre. The five specialists who work with each child: special educator, social worker, speech therapist, physio therapist and occupational therapist, also work with the family. The numbers above are a testament to the investment in time and effort we make with the parents and caregivers of each child in our care.

Even parents with means cannot provide the kind of input that the Centre for Children and Karuna are able to. No other organisation in this sector works to continue interventions and training after the age of 18. The hand-holding FAME does for parents is especially commendable.

~ Shashi Satyanarayana, parent of Karuna member