NDD children & adults in our community

Nearly 75%

of our members receive subsidised care

Rs. 53,00,000

earned through vocational activities

At FAME, our vision is to provide DEEP, HOLISTIC AND LONG-TERM inputs, engagements and resources to disabled individuals and their families. Our focal areas for the delivery of this vision, are in four broad themes.
TRAINING (functional academics, cognitive development)
HEALTH (safety, physical & mental well-being)
LIFE SKILLS (socialisation, daily living)
FAMILY (continuing care, co-therapists)


Learning takes place when the child is not only comfortable with the trainers and staff, but when s/he is also physically comfortable. We take physical comfort of each child try seriously. It is of great significance for children with disability who are more often than not unable to articulate discomfort.

Every room at the Centre for Children as well as at Karuna, is equipped with chairs, workstations and other aids suited to the individual children who use that room for the day’s activities. If a child with cerebral palsy requires a special chair, then such a chair is customised for that child. These chairs are also fitted with specific and appropriate attachments like lap boards, chest-straps, trunk supports, foot rests, knee blocks to name a few. Each year based on the growth of the child, adjustments and modifications are made on the chairs. The extent to which these enable and facilitate learning cannot be underestimated.