The first day of the month of July is observed as the Doctor's Day in India.
It is to commemorate the birth and the death day of legendary physician Dr Bidhan Chandra Roy,
who was also the second chief minister of West Bengal and is called the state's architect for his visionary leadership.

Dr Roy was born on July 1, 1882, and also died on the same date 80 years later.
He was honoured with the Bharat Ratna Award in 1961. The Government of India declared July 1 as the Doctor's Day in 1991
as a mark of respect to Dr Roy.

The Doctor's Day is observed today to lay emphasis on the value of doctors in our lives.
It is an occasion to give them their due respect through commemorating one of their greatest representatives.

This month we take the opportunity to present our Student of the Month and Teacher of the month.
Also, we have a column on our IEP.

Happy Reading !

Fame Student of the Month

“Prajwal loves to solve jigsaw puzzles"

Prajwal shows keen interest to learn new activities.
He is very helpful to his teacher and his other classmates. He is very talkative and enjoys small chats with all.
He needs to be trained well in prevocational skills and he likes solving jigsaw puzzles.

This year's IEP has been programmed to teach him different pre vocational skills like
lamination, spiral binding, taking photocopying, ironing shirts,
using coffee machine and making fruit salad.

These skills will equip him to put up his own shop or
be a skilled helper in a stationary/coffee shop.
The IEP will also work to make him travel independently by
using the local BMTC bus service as this will help in his open placement.

Fame Teacher of the Month

Ms. Radhamani D.T. - Special Educator

I joined FAME India as a Special Educator 11 years ago.

My passion to serve the children with special needs drives me to work at FAME India.
The opportunities I get, has helped me to gain immense experience in various areas such as communication,
knowledge sharing, co-ordinating events and developing leadership, etc. I have grown in these areas.

The school environment is such that it encourages me to explore different areas of my interest, gives me ample chances to upgrade my skills.

An unforgettable achievement at FAME India

Pratibha -2017, the annual talents day was organized in a spectacular manner.
This was a personal achievement for me as I was the co-ordinator for Pratibha 2017,
where I gained leadership qualities and learnt to co-ordinate with different team members successfully.

Event of the month

What is an IEP ?

The IEP stems from the Education for All Handicapped Children Act of 1975 which was part of IDEA - the Individual with Disabilities Education Act.
The IEP is a document that ensures your child will have an appropriate education based upon his/her individual needs.
The full form of IEP is Individualised educational program.

Who Needs to have an IEP?

Any child from ages 3-18 at FAME India, who requires special education and related services must have an IEP in place.
The IEP is updated every year and helps the child's teachers, therapists,
parents and others how to best attain goals set for the child.

FAME caters to children diagnosed with the following should have an IEP:

> Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)
> Intellectual disability(formerly known as mental retardation or MR)
> Developmental delay
> Cerebral Palsy

Who should be present at the IEP meeting?

Every year, child's IEP needs to be updated. Each child has a deadline for which their IEP needs to be set up.
Most deadlines take place at the beginning of the school year.
For parents of a special needs child, an IEP meeting can be somewhat daunting.
In most cases, there are several people who work with your child, and all of their input is valuable.
However, you must remember that you know your child best and you're the one who needs to ensure all of your child's needs are being met.

Those present at this meeting usually include:
> The parent(s), guardian
> The special education teacher
> Physiotherapist/Speech Pathologist
> The school social worker
> The school principal

Remember, you can invite anyone you want to participate in this meeting.
This may include, a close family friend who knows your child well, a friend to offer you support,
a therapist who works with your child outside of the school setting,
or simply anyone who would be able to offer advice in your child's best interest.

The main point of the IEP is to set measurable long and short-term goals for your child
These goals need to be realistic.  Keep in mind that just because two students have the same disability,
this does not mean they will have the same goals.
That is why this is called an Individual plan that is suited to the child, individually.
Goals set are academic and functional.

Remember the child does not have to conquer everything in one year.

Sometimes, it may be more fitting for the child to focus on academic goals and then at other times on functional goals.
You can talk to your child's special education teacher anytime to discuss
whether or not your child is attaining his/her goals.
Usually, a progress report is given each quarter and is discussed at least twice a year during parent/teacher conferences.

Although the main objective of the IEP is to set goals for the child,
it is also used as a tool for those in the school setting to know and understand all of the child's needs.
In any given circumstance, it's important to include whether or not
the child will need to follow other guidelines than those mandated by the school.

If a special circumstance comes up during the middle of the school year, the IEP can always be amended.
As you can see, developing and maintaining an Individual Education Plan for the special needs child is of utmost importance.
Remember, the purpose is not to merely agree or to please everyone,
the purpose is to be an advocate for the child. If you feel certain goals are not attainable by the child, you need to speak up.

If set up well, the child's IEP can ensure that all of the child's needs will be met and he/she will have a great school year!

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