12 Million children in India live with special needs

Only 1 % of children with special needs  have access to  school
One third of most disabilities are preventable. Malnutrition is the cause for most cases of special needs
33% of parents do not allow their children with special needs to interact with other children for fear of being teased, accidents and aggressive behaviour

In India 80% of children with special needs will not survive past of the age of forty.
FAME India, school for children with special needs aims to improve the access to schools for all such children regardless of their background. With the curriculum aimed at teaching each child to live a life of dignity we believe that in our small little way we are contributing to bettering all the other stats.

Proud yet humbling stats about the graduates of FAME India School for special children

45% of these students are now engaged in some form form of economic activity.
17% of these students have obtained employment in a regular work environment
1 is now a successful entrepreneur

3 students have represented India in special Olympics and 1 student in Abilympics.

Making every child’s life count

At FAME we strive to enable each of our children and young
adults with special needs to live a life of dignity and self reliance

Creating a Happy Place for Every Child

Teaching Skills to live a life of dignity

Ensuring children of every background have equal opportunities

Empowering a child's ecosystem

A fulfilling adulthood

With the aim of enabling individuals to live a life of self-reliance we
create life long bonds with our students to ensure that their needs are met even after they graduate from FAME

Open Placement

Students who are fairly independent are placed and given employment in a regular work environment

Fame Swavalambana

Vocational training to allow students who continue to require special attention to engage in some form of economic activity


Students who show a flair and interest for an entrepreneurial journey are given the encouragement and support that every entrepreneur requires


When individuals join Karuna, their family can be rest assured that their children continue to receive the care required for the rest of their lives

The heart and soul of FAME

We have around 150 students between 0 and 18 years of age who have 
neuro developmental disabilities

Our Individualised Education Programme

Every child at FAME goes through a detailed assessment in the areas of speech, PT, Medico social, OT, and psychiatry and an individualised education programme is then designed for them in the following three areas

Our meticulously designed educational programs help each child learn and develop based on their age , physical and mental progress

Our professional physiotherapists make sure the child gets the motor exercise they need to maintain and develop their abilities and prevent deformation

We do understand how parents feel, knowing that the child has a mental challenge and having to care for them every day

The FAME Community

Our Team

The team at FAME is highly trained in dealing with children with disabilities but above all, they are absolutely passionate about bringing to reality,the goal that FAME has set-a happy place for every child with disability.

Our Supporters

Over the years some amazing organisations and individuals have partnered with us
in various capacities. We have had individuals from organisations donate their time,
organisations have sponsored our various requirements, donated funds and we have
had individuals who have used their celebrity status to help us raise awareness.
A big shout out to you all!

Join the FAME Community

We need you today

We aim to reach out and make a difference in the lives of as many children as possible
To be able to do this we need you, every single one of you in what ever way you can
help - your time, your talent or your wallet

FAME India

Foundation for Action, Motivation and Empowerment





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